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These beautiful hard enamel pins are currently in production after my first successful Kickstarter campaign raising over $1000! During the campaign, with the help of my generous backers' support I was able to unlock 4 pin designs and the first set of clear vinyl stickers. As a bonus, all backers will also be receiving freebie stickers.

Current Time Line

Collecting Funds and Surveys

Kickstarter has started and almost finished the funds collection process and I'm still waiting on a couple of surveys before placing final orders for the pins. (May 30th is the cutoff for surveys so that orders can be placed. Backers that do not fill out their survey by this date are not guaranteed to receive the designs they want.)


Production time with my manufacturer is 6-8 weeks. During this time the stickers will also be ordered. Not a lot can be done during this time except preparing for fulfillment.

(UK backers will receive access to a limited time presale during this time.)


This is my shipping phase. Packaging and preparing to mail pins should only take a day or two and then up to a couple of weeks to receive, depending on location.

Etsy Store

A week after all backer rewards have been shipped I'll be adding my Key Pins to my Etsy Store for general sale. The delay is to ensure my backers are the first to receive their pins before anyone else.

Subscribe below to keep updated on when these beauties go on sale on my Etsy Store and get sneak peeks at my next Enamel Pin Kickstarter, Magical Circles of Power!

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