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Enamel Pins

Over the last few years I've run many kickstarter projects to produce these fabulous pins. Need a little something to complete your outfit? Maybe an extra splash on your drab work uniform? Looking to show your mood today? Try out one of these uniquely designed pins to add a little flare to your everyday!!

Magical Mythology is a cute take on global mythologies including the mysterious Moontails, tranquil Earth Dragon and Hydra who's always of many opinions. Don't forget the all-seeing flying eye, Issitoq, or the matching mini pins that accent the full sized myths.

Magical Menagerie is a great way to show off your love for the unique creatures from around the world including my favorite, the golden Platypus! These 3cm pins are both together clustered on your pin jacket or individually to enhance your outfit. Don't forget the smaller blue footed booby, and stay turned for the matching dancing booby body, coming soon to Kickstarter.

To order these and more check out my Etsy shop Here!

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